Solutions in Composites

Clerium is an internationally oriented engineering firm providing engineering services mainly and not exclusively to the Composites Industry.


Our main activities are:

  • Hot Moulds
  • Preforming of fiberglass and carbon reinforcements
  • Production of Composite parts
  • Consulting in production setup and/or optimization
  • Composite product design and FEA


We collaborate with leading authorities in Europe, manufacturers in Composites, industrial automation, industrial robots, raw material suppliers and engineering. If we can not answer your inquiry, we know who can.


Our focus is in providing the necessary support to our partners and customers so they can reach their objectives. Honest and clear communication is key in all human relations and business relations are just the same; human.


Our strength is an in-depth knowledge of Composite materials and production methods. The technologies used at Clerium have been chosen based on efficiency, quality and simplicity. And above all with respect to the environment and working conditions.

Our mission is to provide a significant contribution to society. In the fields of Composite materials and Industrial production technologies, we will never stop learning and evolving.