Fibreglass Preforms

Automation in Thermoset Closed Mould systems



We are specialized in the application of Thermoset Closed Mould systems and Fiberglass Preforming.


Efficient, high quality, environmentally responsible fiber reinforced composites production requires closed mould systems. And preforming of the reinforcements is the answer to the automation needs in the industry.

Until now, only the automotive industry was entitled to this technology because of the high output and large investments necessary. We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way and we have proven that preforming can be done with simple tools depending on product requirements and volumes.

The process of preforming consists of spraying chopped glass fibers with a binder onto a perforated screen (or preform mould) with air suction. After curing or melting of the binder, the preform can be removed from the screen.


The configuration of a preform has the following variables:

  • Fiber length
  • Fiber type and sizing
  • Density of the reinforcement
  • Binder material (thermoset/thermoplastic)

These variables are carefully chosen taking in consideration the production method and the required mechanical properties of the finished part.


  • Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM, VARTM, RTM-light)
  • Infusion
  • Structural Reaction Injection Moulding (SRIM)
  • Wet Compression
  • Hand lay-up
  • And others

This technology is now made available to everyone. Whether you are working with fiberglass or carbon fiber, we can supply preforms for your complicated parts or guide you for setting up your own preforming unit at your plant according to your needs and resources.