Health and Safety Services

Risk assessment and evaluation of workers exposure to chemical substances

Europe is making a significant effort to improve working conditions in the Industry and the Composites manufacturing industry is no exception. European legislation is gradually evolving to protect employees and environment.


The process of risk evaluation and management of protective measures can be a burden to Composite moulders. Production companies want to focus on efficient work processes and getting their products delivered to customers. Not every company has the knowledge, expertise or internal resources to comply with the reporting requirements and correct measures.

Healthy and safely working with dangerous substances is complex. Regulations, workplaces and products are continuously changing, making active and compliant chemical management a real challenge. 

Clerium will close the gap between complex/abstract regulation and practice. Clerium brings order and gives insight by structuring relevant knowledge and information.


Clerium can support and guide your company with comprehensive and simple tools to ensure compliance to regulations, safeguarding the physical health of employees and preparing all the correct documentation for future inspections of Health authorities.


A risk assessment and evaluation consists of:

  • Inventory of chemical products used and their hazardous components
  • Inhalation risk assessment overview per activity in the workshop
  • Dermal risk assessment overview per activity in the workshop
  • Evaluation of exposure versus maximum legal concentration
  • Where necessary, control measures are suggested to reduce exposure
  • A full report is generated including an action plan and substances register
  • Generation of workplace instruction cards per product
  • Registration of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic (CMR) substances and protective measures